"A clean fleet is a clean image"

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Why Choose Us?

Since 2010, Wash It Australia has offered its customers a unique, environmentally-friendly mobile fleet washing service. With our completely mobile system, we are able to setup onsite at a time that suits you. This unique system allows us to capture every vehicle prior to them leaving the depot. Some of our key features of this system include:


Unlike a standard wash bay, We are able to setup a temporary washbay onsite! This cuts costs and time down considerably by eliminating lengthy trips to offsite washbays. We also utilise a road legal Yard Tug, This allows our team to move trailers around your yard without setting foot on the ground!

Enviromently Friendly

With multiple collection methods to suit most situations, We are able to collect and remove all truck wash water from the premise to be disposed of safely. All of this is done at no additional cost!


As Australia's leading mobile washing supplier, We are in position to service fleets sizes from 15 to 15,000! Wash It Australia is proudly the preffered supplier for Australia's largest transport company & Australia's largest supply chain solutions

Truck Washing

With a mixture of mechanical & manual washing, We are able to provide a fast service without comprising on quality.

Food Safe

With our National HACCP accrediation & processes, we are able to sanitise all types of food storage, from Refrigerated fleet vehicles to cold storage rooms!

Safety & Compliance

With our Three ISO Accredited Management System & Goverment training, we are able to undertake any task in a safe and enviromentally friendly manor

Tailored Solutions

With years of experience and the latest in washing technology, We are able to provide a customised solution for any site regardless of the size.

Latest Equipment

With Road Legal terminal tractors & electric brush equipment, We are able to increase the efficiency of washing while reducing overall costs.

Supporting the community

Apart of our core standards involves giving back to the community. For each vehicle washed, We proudly donate a portion of the proceeds to various charities. We also are proud to sponser local community events and groups.

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